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Arres Pulled Pork Claws & Meat Shredder - BBQ Grill Tools and Smoking Accessories for Carving, Handling, Lifting


Shred, Cut, Handle, Lift - Letting you tear up a smoked pork butt intro pulled pork in a matter of seconds, lift a huge turkey, shred chicken and toss salads, these BBQ claws make light work of preparing anything cooked on the barbecue grill. They are specifically designed as time-saving shredders that protect your hands from the heat of just-cooked meat and the grill itself. Universal size - Designed to function as extensions of your arms, our fitting suits all hand sizes perfectly. Forget all those extra grilling kitchen tools or smoker accessories and just use Your Bear Claws! Easy to Clean and Store - Just throw them in the washer or hand wash with mild detergent. They are easy to clean and their compact design makes them easy to store away.

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Accept no substitutes and choose the best meat claws on the market. Made of heavy duty durable BPA free plastic material that withstands high heat (heat resistant to 450F/250C)

These bear claws food shredders are just what you need when cooking pulled pork, brisket, pork shoulder and butt, chicken, whole turkey, shredded beef, ham and a lot more. Impress your husband, wife and children with the top DELICIOUS FOOD they love using this bear claw meat shredder.