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FEROS Magnetic BBQ Grill Tool Accessory Holder + Bonus Lanyard! - Holds 4 Utensils and 5 Thermometers! Great to Hold Spatula, Tongs, Brushes, skewers, Scraper, mops, etc.


IMPORTANT: Magnets will lose their strength if tool holder is placed on a part of the grill that comes in direct contact with the heat source of the grill. Magnets are also not as effective on Stainless Steel or Powder Coated grill surfaces. The Tool Holder is designed to be permanently mountable for these cases. There are 2 holes in the back of the unit that are available to permanently mount using screws (hardware not included). Convenient and compact size allows this Magnetic Grill Tool Holder to fit most all grill types. Strong rare earth magnets on back allow for installation and re-positioning in seconds. Backed with high-quality rubber to avoid scratching your grill. Permanent mounting available using holes on the back of the unit.

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  • MAGNETIC - Magnetic, installs in seconds. Strong rare earth magnets provide incredible grip. IMPORTANT: Magnets (no matter how strong) lose their strength if placed on a surface that comes in direct contact with the heat source of the grill. Magnets (no matter how strong) are also NOT AS EFFECTIVE ON STAINLESS STEEL OR POWDER COATED STEEL GRILLS. If you have a grill of this material you are better off using the permanent mounting option on the BACK of the Tool Holder.
  • CONVENIENCE - Includes 1 BONUS lanyard for your tools and hanging convenience. Keep your tools handy and accessible and leave more room on top of the grill for the good stuff!
  • VERSATILE - Holds 4 Tools and 5 Thermometers, Re-positionable or permanently mountable with holes on designed into the back of the holder.